Sunday, March 04, 2007

Totally Whacked

Feeling: Exhausted (but I'm happy! ^__^)
Currently Listening To: "Tsuioku+LOVE LETTER" by Hitomi Shimatani

Today was a very happy day for me. XD Although it wasn't at first because of school... Oh well never mind about school. (I just don't want to spend my happy moments there. =p) A lot of things happened today and I didn't expect that it would be a fast-paced one. It was my friend Rheine's 18th birthday today and I have to attend it since I'm one of her 18 roses. XD But it wasn't that easy alright. I was like wearing just a simple civilian (brown polo shirt, brown pants and take note, a RUBBER SHOES! Oh yeah and the attire should be semi-formal. XD) and I have to carry my get-up and myself. XD It was embarrassing but I did it! XD No sweat! Going back, after school, I went straight to G4 and met up with Rei-chan, Eumir, James and Kristina. Lei just dropped by and soon, he went somewhere. Kristina went shopping first for her dress while Rei-chan and I talked about something that she needs to know. She can't believe at first but she accepted it right away.

We talked for quite a while then went to Nikki's house to meet up with her and Jobelle. Then went straight to Kristina's apartment and there I met her sister. She's kind and had the right amount of sense of humor!^^ And there we met up with Jero, Ginald and Donny. After an hour, we already went to Rheine's 18th birthday.^^ For me, it was a blast! And a bit embarrassed at the same time because my real name was exposed once again. XD Owww how I hate it when I'm called by my real first name but it's okay for now since it has been a while since the last time called me "Wilfredo". The food was great and I ate a lot nyahaha! As usual, I'm a "gifted yet cursed" person like Kristina and Ginald! Hahaha! I just want to thank my friends that attended Rheine's birthday and of course to Rheine for inviting me to her debut! =)

And I want to thank Chris and her dad for dropping me off to the station awhile ago! Really appreciate it! ^^ and I got home just now. 12:30 AM! Haha this is the second time in my life that I got home uber late like this. XD nyahaha I missed it! =P Now I'm totally whacked! >X3 hahaha! Gotta rest up now coz I'm already feeling sleepy.^^ Just want to thank my friends again!^^

In 3... 2... 1... Signing Off!


  1. i had fun too! haha... kakagulat when we heard your full first name announced when we were going to take that picture together... parang... "teka, kaw ba yan?" lol~

    thanks for tolerating my sister and me. ganun talaga kami. XD

  2. yay! wala un! Natutuwa nga ako sa sister mo eh! ^^,

    hahaha nagulat din ako ehh... XD it's like exposing a very dark secret at parang madami ata natawa dun sa pangalan ko... adami rin nagside comments, at isa na ako dun waheheh! =D

  3. asawa ko!!! sori kung matagal alang communication.. nawala cp mo?? anu po.. nga pala may order na cd burn si amieu-kun.. send ko na lang sa friendster inbox mo.. ne?? sana makapagkip in touch tayo soon.. kaasar din kasi ang globe eh.. miss you po!! mwah!

  4. Hahaha! Rubber shoes=deviancy! deviancy=LUV. Ok lang yan, at least unique. Hahaha! :)