Saturday, March 03, 2007

Sketch For Summer

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Currently Listening To: "Sketch For Summer" by Eri Nobuchika

Today was a bright day for me because even though I declined my last class today, I was able to be with my friends today! It was a happy and memorable day for me, enough to cherish it!^^ hehehe! =) Big thanks to Lei, Nikki, Joie-C and Jobelle, you made my day happy! No offense to my school but I would regret it if I didn't cut my class and stayed at school. xD Because there will be no future for me there, I guess... I'm just bearing with it until I graduate there. Anyway, why "Sketch for Summer"? Maybe it's because I'm already planning ahead on future. I'm not really excited this summer because I won't have any means of vacation. Why? Because I'll have to complete my 200 hours for my on-the-job training. But if you ask me, I'd rather do that than stay all the way here in our house. I want to make myself busy so that I could forget my frustrations and all. I want to make my "sketch" for summer a clean and happy one. I know I can overcome all trials that I am facing but I think what I'm doing right now is not that sufficient for me to surpass these trials... And that is why I will try my best (even if I'm all alone) to overcome and surpass all of these challenges in life. Because I know even though I'm alone in reality, there are those people who will support me even if they're faraway unlike those who are just beside me.

And once again I became proud of myself because I was able to finish typing the chapter 3 of my novel Lived. It took me a long time for me to finish typing it. I already finished writing it in my journal couple of weeks ago and I admit it's because of what happened lately in GSG... It affected my imaginations plus my other problems. But it's all over now... I'm currently writing the chapter four and I'm beginning to get excited because new characters will came out. And more actions will happen and unexpected meeting of other characters in the later chapters. XD=

Well now, I wish my "sketch" this summer will be satisfactory and beautiful. Something that I can treasure forever and ever even after death.^^

Wow it's already summer here in the Philippines! XD

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