Wednesday, March 07, 2007

It Wasn't Half-Bad

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Today was not something out of ordinary but it's not too good either. I have to wait for 6 hours after my next class! How annoying is that? I only have 2 classes today, the first and the last subject. Technical writing from 9:30am-11:00am and Retail & Sales Management from 4:3opm-6:00pm and the annoying part is that our prof in Tech. Writing dismissed us early about 10:25am so I have to wait for 6 damn hours for my next subject! o_O Our professor in Macro Economic Theory wasn't able to make it because she has some "hearing" in the court. That is the only difficulty if your professor is a lawyer too. Oh well, I managed to break down the 6 hours just to attend my major class. I don't want to miss this class because me and my partner need to fix our Retail Plan and we needed to finish it as soon as possible because it's deadline will be next week. -__- We still have the Usage, Attitude, Image (UAI) study for our Product & Brand Management and the Immersion Document. x__X Ugh, talk about projects that I'll have to finish right away.

Anyway, I'm happy because tonight I was able to watch the first four episodes of Black Lagoon in YouTube. According to Wikipedia, it was a Seinen anime but when I watched it, it's not that bloody but it has more action-packed adventures. Maybe the manga is the seinen... I still don't know but I'm going to find that out! XD Black Lagoon concentrates more on pirates, war and kidnapping. It wasn't half-bad for an anime... I'm beginning to like the story... maybe I'll watch the sequel which is the Second Barrage. XD Another attraction from the opening theme! XD I like Red Fraction... it may hurt other's ears but I think the opening theme suits the anime.^^ I first discovered the opening theme before actually watching the anime and I'd say, it didn't failed me. Or maybe I have just a knack looking & discovering good animes. LOL~ a big big LOL!

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