Thursday, March 08, 2007

I Love Looking Like An Idiot!

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Today was not a very good day either. Rawr~ I haven't got any good time at school these days. So even if I looked like a dork in school, whadda hell I care. I've noticed that being an idiot "in the eyes of others" has already been a part of my life at school. I know it's kind of weird but heck, I can do nothing about it. Like what I usually said whenever I look like an idiot (specially on my attire), "Carry lang yan!" But I realized that even though that's the case, I can't just "carry on" forever and ever (AMEN!). But I have to be patient, there's only one year for me to be patient in my life and say "Bye-bye school" and "Welcome corporate world".

I suddenly what Nikki imouto-vamp commented in one of my posts about how she loved deviancy. Well, I also love deviancy because if I'm don't, I wouldn't be wearing a rubber shoes in a semi-formal dinner-dance party. XD well that was unintentional but I was able to carry myself while I was in the party although many people where already looking at me when they saw my footwear. XD or maybe that was the first time that they saw a guy attending a semi-formal dinner-dance party wearing a rubber shoes.XD oh well, going back to my story, I wore my shades (that looks like an eyeglass) when I was already on my way home and I didn't know that glasses look terrible on me! A lot of people including pok-poks where glaring me like I was all baduy or badoodles wearing my shades... At that time, I was a bit annoyed that I want to shout so the world would know that I love looking like an idiot. XD "sorry na lang sila..." that was already at the back of my mind but I just didn't mind them and continued walking.

Ah yes, I was also able to make my own multiply account although it was still under repair. XD I doubt on doing it at first because what will I post there? I don't have a digicam nor a cellphone with camera? Or maybe I'll just use it like a DeviantArt account... xD It's still possible so instead of "Photos", I changed it to "Wallies" so that I can post there my own-made wallpapers out of certain scanlations of a particular anime/manga series. I also uploaded some anime/jpop mp3s there and I'll be uploading more soon. ^^, And the title of my home page (in my opinion) was quite funny because it was based once again on Nana Katase's single entitled "Galaxy, Telepathy & Fantasy". Oh well, I should be unique with my names although it was very long.^^,

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  1. It doesn't look good on you? o_O Funny... I didn't think of that when you wore it actually... or did my eyes suddenly develop a selective seeing technique. >_<

    Deviancy is good as long as it doesn't hurt the society. Being away from normalities is like freedom from the norm's box. ^^v Hahaha~ Ok lang yan oni carry yan. :P

    Oh, have I mentioned to you that Nana Katase looks like my Soc-Anthro prof from last semester. *looks at banner* I just realized it recently when I took a good look at all the pics. *sigh* She's so pretty.... X_x