Saturday, March 10, 2007

Another Friday Cut

Currently Listening To: "Yume no Kakera" by Eri Nobuchika
Watching: Yume no Kakera clip

It was an ordinary friday at school but an extraordinary day when I met up with my friends. I didn't attend my History class because I'm fed up of waiting friggin 4 hours just to attend that subject then I'm just going to get bored. When I was already at G4, A lot of revelations happened in just one day. Others may seem unbelievable and hard to accept but I can do it... *forget forget forget* My mind's not clear right now and I can't concentrate. Or maybe I'm just tired and needing some rest (I didn't slept well these nights). I'm just cringing myself up with my addiction to Eri Nobuchika. Because IMO, it hurts me the most why is she not that famous in Japan or in other countries. She has good voice quality and not to mention, she is also pretty. I just love her voice and songs as they are.

Eri Nobuchika

At first, I can't believe that she's just around my age because I "labeled" her songs as one of my favorite JPops that I really liked. Her videos are usually black & white except for the "Sketch For Summer". She can sing English language too! I like her "Inner Glow". In short, when I crave for classical and jazzy music, I always play her songs and the feeling is like someone made up your day. xD LOL~

Anyway, I'm just going to share my day a while ago... While I was still in Metropolis because I changed my upper garments. I was texting Jobelle while walking but I didn't realized that the glass door with an exit sign was already there in front me. I almost got my head bumped on unless I didn't saw the door and it will be a total "ouch". I arrived late in the meeting because I still have many projects/paperworks that I needed to finish at school but I'm happy because I was able to be with my true friends. xD

I'm feeling tired already so I'm gonna post here some other time. XD Ja ne!


  1. kesow! :)

    dropping by. hmm. i haven't heard any of her songs yet. but i do agree that she is so pretty. :)

    hmm. next time kesow.. ingats ka ha! =p kitiki-text ka pala. nyaha! XD

  2. yup! Kapatid! Tama ka jan.. sana lang ma-reveal din sa ibang members.. para bumalik na sila sa forum..

    Anyways.. I haven't heard the song.. but she's pretty..