Monday, February 19, 2007

War Against Cheapers Creeper Intruders

Feeling: A bit irritated
Currently Listening To: "Rhythm" by Fonogenico

Wah! Today is a really damn day. =_= I thought it was going to be a regular day of editing pics, visitinig the GSG forums and other daily routines. But there was an unexpected encounter while I was online in the GSG forums. It shocked me when I saw someone flooding on the Cbox.. =_= I warned them but they just ignored me until it became a ruckus. I panicked a bit and decided to contact one of the mods (he was actually sleeping when I texted him) so that it could be resolved. Well, yeah it was resolved... temporarily. And peace has returned to the cbox... =_= Whoever that intruder is, he IS really annoying!!! Why? He used other names and posted in the cbox, and he used my forum nick for pitt's sake. =_= What a cheapster! Did he think that he could ruin and stain up my name by doing that? That was his stupid mistake really. And he even involved my poor cbox here in my blog! T_T bad intruder! And you intruder if you ARE reading this, you better not come back here and post freely in my cbox because I already banned you here in my Cbox. Nuff said.

But even though there were many unfortunate things that happened today, there were still good things that happened. Like I came up with many plans for the Anarchy Academy and Season's Call! Yay! Can't wait! XD~ And I was able to download a PV of "Rhythm" which was performed by Fonogenico and since no one in YouTube uploaded it, I initiated the uploading! XD~ nyahaha! But since I just uploaded it a while ago, it'll took a while before it can be viewed at YouTube... XD hahaha! Well that's about it for today. ^__^


  1. Oh...I didn't notice the cbox. I guess that's the problem of chatboxes with no IP tracking.

    Oh yeah, how can you be anti-social and trustworthy at the same time? xD

  2. The Cbox i have here in my blog can track IP address. That's why I banned their IPs.

    Hmm you see I have two personalities. I tend to be anti-social when I'm around school but when I am with the gaidens, I am trustworthy. Parang ganun.

  3. Oni... He admitted his fault already to the mods. I hope you could give him another chance not only as a part of our unit, but as an acquaintance. ^___^ That is, if you can. I'm not forcing you to do so anyway. Kung pwede lang pu hehehe~ ^^

  4. Don't you know the power of Dial-Up?


  5. @imouto>> that... I will think about next time... but not right now.

    fred-chan>> who are you? are you not my alter ego? I don't think so. If you're not related to me or some kind or if you're not going to post something relevant, I advice don't post here and intrude my territory. For pitt's sake.