Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It Stabbed Into my Heart

Feeling: Emoish
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Wah! I just watched the episode 25 of Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl) and it's episode title is also "Jigoku Shoujo". o_O It's all about Ai's past before she became the Jigoku Shoujo. I was kinda sad when I watched it. I feel sad for Ai... T__T she was buried alive even if she doesn't want to! Wah! TT__TT Although her childhood friend Sentarou promised that he'll protect her at all cost, it didn't happened. Too bad... But it's because he's only the one who wants to save and protect Ai! That's unfair! All the townspeople (excluding Ai's parents) to offer her to the angry mountain god! And I didn't believe that she gives bad luck to the people there! That's totally nuts! =_= Oh well, that's what the story is... but for me, everyone deserves to enjoy life to the fullest. Even if they say you're a black sheep, or if you are a mongoloid, and even the autistic people have the right to live!

The feeling of being betrayed is really painful to the heart. I know that all of us don't want that to happen. Well, who wants that? No gullible person would agree to be called "moron", or even "idiot!" It's because we are not a perfect person! We made mistakes, we have our own incapabilities and most of all, we are not God! And we don't have the right to embarrass people in front of many people. IMO, God didn't just made us to fight, tease and discriminate others. Instead we are made to love each other as brothers and sisters.

Aww... enough drama! I've had enough! Today is Valentines' Day and I'm supposed to be happy today but I'm not really. I lost my cellphone yesterday and it looks like it will took a while before I can have a new one. And some unwanted scenes just popped into my mind and it made me all crappy. =_= Oh well, no use brooding all over it. I'll just have to take them all out of my hypothalamus! XD~

I wonder how did the Valentines' went with other people? Specially to those who went to a date with their significant others... It's not that I want to experience it... I'm just all curious that's all. I enjoy my life being a "No Girlfriend Since Birth" person. Why? Because I still don't feel having one. I haven't found the right one for me. Why enter a relationship if you're only forced to? Well, if you ask me, I'd rather be single for life than being with other person whom you don't love and doesn't deserve my love. XD (Gosh! How demanding!) Whew... I've had enough dose of dramas today. It made me all emo right now! XD

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