Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Curse This Day!

Feeling: Frustrated (Kuyashiii!!!)
Currently Listening To: "Amayadori" by kukui

Today is a really damn day for me. First, I wasn't able to catch up with the film showing early this morning. o_O Next, I lost my cellphone without my consciousness!! =_= And I got darn scolded by my father. He bathed me with muras or slang words that got into me a bit. Damn, he always blame whenever we made a mistake but we don't have the right to correct him whenever he made a mistake! Curse him! Really! I really hate that attitude of his! Is my cell phone more important than my life? I think he might feel better if he sees me in a morgue and my cellphone much more alive than me. Hmph!

Next, I wasn't able to buy my mp3 player an ear phone. The one that I bought (that my kapatid Shao bought from me) last time was already out of stock and the cheapest ear phone available there was P80.00 and I don't have extra money left. And I still have to pay our Smart Bro Monthly Bill. I'm very tired and still frustrated about what happened. Gosh, this is one helluva bad day! This is one of the worst day ever! It felt like I didn't accomplish something good today and it hit me right into my chest.

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  1. weeh... darn that freak!!!! nakakarma din ung kumuha ng cellphone muh!!!