Sunday, February 11, 2007

We Survive!

Feeling: Jaded yet hyper!
Currently Listening To: "We Survive" by KOTOKO

Today was a very unpredictable, freaky yet a very happy day indeed! ^__^ Despite the difficulties and embarrassments I and my friends faced awhile ago, we still manage to attend Vanitea: A Gothic Tea Party. Even though there was only few Gaidens who attended the said activity, I still enjoyed my first cosplay event! ^__^ Like what I said, I didn't expect that I'll be able to attend because, my friend who will lend me a coat had already gone to Hong Kong and I don't have a black neck tie. But I still went to FEU and those problem was resolved. I was able to borrow coat from Jenny and my kapatid Shaoran was able to lend me a dark blue neck tie! At last, problem solved. But it wasn't really finished there! I went through a lot of embarrassments like people looking all over at me while I was in a semi-corporate attire. Not only that, when I went to the CR to wet my hair (so that my imouto Jobelle could apply gel to it), 2 gays went screaming while they were on my way! X__x Yay!

2nd embarrassing moment: At the Bangkal Community Complex (where Vanitea was held), I lost/dropped my wallet somewhere. When I asked the guard if they found a navy green wallet, they said they don't know... And there was this girl who wore a black Lolita who later I found out that she was the one who got my wallet! And I was even "special-mentioned" that time. I don't know if I will feel happy or embarrassed at that time because she really called me in my complete name. It was like this, "Calling the attention of Resurreccion Jr., Wilfredo H. of San Beda College Alabang!" My first expression was a BIG OMG then ran towards the center and apologized to her few times because of my clumsiness yet she replied, "That's okay". It was really kind of her!^__^

Hmm about what I wore for the event? I'd say that my style was original although it's a combination of Hyde & Gackt (at first when the gel was still on it's job). Then I suddenly remembered that my style was almost the same like Hanazawa Rui of Hana Yori Dango live-action but with out the gray long sleeve. But when the coat arrived, Jenny told that it was for yakuzas! XD~ hahaha... And we took a lot of pictures! Yay! I'm going to post it here once I get some! XD=

Overall, this day has a lot of twist and turn yet I really enjoyed it! I hope we could do this again someday! XD And that would already be my second time and I expect that I already have confidence within myself so that I wouldn't be shy parading with my friends! Hahaha! Well that's it for tonight.


  1. Waai! Pang-gay daw ang wafuness effect mu oni! Hehehe! XD

    Thanks sa ating lahat! :P

  2. waahh di naman!! XD eh di dapat nagkandarapa na rin sakin si Nara-bebot! :P haha pish! XP thanks sa lahat! ^__^ kung di dahil sa inyo hndi ako makakaatend ng Vanitea! =D

  3. waw an saya naman nun!! ^^ drop by lan XD

  4. waw an saya naman nun!! ^^ drop by lan XD