Thursday, February 22, 2007

Nothing Last For Good

Feeling: Down (feeling condolent)
Currently Listening To: "Vestige" by T.M. Revolution

Today was definitely not a very good day. Many things happened in just one glance like someone already left without you noticing it at all. It was kinda bizarre for me to tell this but it's really disappointing that those person whom you expect to last will be gone in just a *snap*. It's not that we're not friends at all, but because they already left our haven. It's like cutting the thin threads that are connecting us with the scissors. Well, we're still going to have communications but you know, there will be some kind of barriers which will keep you from keeping in touch with them. It's still sad because I have to question/ask myself "why do they have to quit at a time like this?" I know I'm just stressing out myself because it's not going to be answered unless I ask them. But because I know it's a bit personal, I know they will kind of reluctant to tell me the real reason behind their actions. But I hope that there will be a time that they will tell me the reason behind it because my heart will be bugged if the questions within myself would not be answered.

There is a saying that, "There is no permanent in this world...." and "Expect the unexpected..." I know this is very true and is happening in reality but you know, it still hurts because they have become a part of your life then suddenly their going to fade away and part ways. Kuyashii ne!!? Although I'm not really that close to them (I wasn't able to chat with them during EB's, text with them, YM with them), but still, it hurts when I learned that they were going to leave our clan. It was like waking up from a worst nightmare! (I didn't expect my current theme will be associated with my feelings and what's happening right now) And it's like a part of me was torn apart because the reality can't change the fact that they were my friends and became a part of my humble and simple life. I know I can move on easily but the wound of being hurt is still inside me and whenever I think of it, I want to just sit down, do nothing and just keep quiet all by yourself.


Reality check: I've moved on... but I'm still kind of lonely. I accepted the fact that they left us but I'm still being torned apart. I have to continue with my life and move on as if nothing happened or else it will pull me down to the deepest sorrow I might experience. Lei and Nicole, wherever you are right now, if you are reading this post of mine, I'm still your friend and no one can change that even if reality opposes it. ^__^ I hope there will be no barriers that will be built to separate our small yet memorable friendship. ^__^ Take care, my friends!

I already said what I wanted to say and I can rest now... That's it for drama.


  1. Greetings Fred,

    As of know by now, Me and Nicole have quit the clan. I know that you have may questions waiting for us to be answered but its best to leave things as it is. Suffice it to say that we are in good reason to leave the clan. Some things are better to kept as a secret, unfortunately for Me and the others.. We have seen "that" thing and we cannot continue anymore towards this ongoing shenanigan.

    Like I said on the thread I created,
    "We don't need GsG to be the bridge to our friendship" so fear not Fred. I won't make my problem be the problem that separates me from friends.

    Don't worry we can still be friends even if I or Nicole are not Gaidens anymore ^^, Just remember that I am just one text, IM or Tag away :)

    Oh yeah, My blog would be transferring too. The new blog is not done yet but it will be in a couple of days..

    Look out for "The Oriental Outlaw" soon ^^

  2. Kapatid.. same for me.. I cry whenever I think everything has to end this way..

    >>Char: I really want to talk to you.. but whenever that reason CHimmy and you has to leave.. I still have my tears for the both of you.. :C i will missed you.. I'll be waiting for your blog too...

  3. Everything doesn't have to end this way. Which is why you guys have the privilege of choosing on how you would handle this case, though I highly suggest that you wont let this affect your stay in GsG. This is problem was between two parties and and no one else. You, Fred and the other people who asked us about the decision we made are not involved so I hope that you guys don't add to the number of casualties.

    @Joie-c : You can talk to me anytime, you just have to find a way to bridge back to me. (Try asking Dhon or Charles about the ways of contacting me).. Furthermore, I would like to clear things out to you and to the rest of GsG; "We don't need GsG to be the bridge to our friendship"...


  4. Yes, I understand Lei. ^^ Hindi ko naman ipinipilit na sabihin nyo ung totoo. And I know it takes a lot of courage to tell that for now. Because I know it still hurts deep inside. I'll just wait for the right time for me to know even though it will take a long time. =)

    I'll be waiting for your blog too. ^^, dont forget to inform me! =)