Sunday, February 25, 2007

Worst Than Ever...

Feeling: I don't really know... I can't explain it.
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I don't even know how will I start posting here in my blog. All I know is that every day passed in GSG is becoming worse than ever. Darkest than the most dark era that they experienced (before I became a member), I think. It's like an unexplainable phenomenon that everyone can't avoid ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Because of what happened, the mods suddenly became "rebellious" in a way that they have the point. They all want to quit now... T__T so sad... It's not that I also want to quit the clan because of what's going on. It's just that it's hard to accept what's going on with the clan now... It's hard to accept that I want to cry... but I shouldn't lose strength now. I should stay strong for our unit. Because if I show my weak side, the result is that they will do the same as me. Or even quit too. T__T

I know I'm being dramatic again but I just can't help what's happening into our clan. I love GSG because it's like a second family to me... =__= And I can't stand it when all of them are verbally fighting and hurting each other. T__T Like what Lei said, even though they quitted the clan, our friendship will never end. Quite true, but why do they all have to quit so sudden that I didn't felt the flow of time? It's even worst than waking up from a nightmare. It's like stabbing yourself to death because you wanted to end all of your suffering then suddenly woke up with still all the blood flowing out of your body. =__=

To those gaidens who have quitted, please remember that Fred_Itachi would always and always be a friend and that won't change! I hope wherever you are right now, we won't build some sort of a barrier that will change your attitude towards me.

3... 2... 1... Cut the drama.


  1. Tama ka kapatid.. naka-frustrate nga ang happenings sa GSG. Minsan gusto kuh na nga rin bumigay. Ung latest post kuh sa blog kuh sabi kuh 'be positive'..

    pero nagbago nung nalaman kuh na pati si Rei at Yuffie ngquit na rin. ang hirap explain.. nakakainis.. bakit pa dapat pa umabot sa ganito..

    pero katulad nga ng sabi ni Lei.. It better left unsaid..

    Whatever decision they make. We'll always be here right? and they'll always be a GSG..

    Don't worry.. kaya ng GSG yan!!! Aja!

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  3. naku like what Lei said, on't let their problems affect our stay in GSG... Kaya nga kahit masakit sakin ang nangyayari, I have to bear with it like nothing happened. I'm trying to be strong pra hindi rin madiscourage ang mga KOTF... =_=