Friday, February 02, 2007

Bumster's Lair

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Wah~ I'm too lazy to move here... =_= I just realized that I was too early for school today. And I was late for my Statistics class that's why (for the nth time), I cut it. And wanna know what time is my next class? It's 3:00 PM.o_o wah I'm going to wait for f***ing 5 hours just to attend that my Phil. History class.o_o Any minute, I know I will be hungry again... x__X Instead of saving my money, I will spend it for food... Omigash! Why do I have to experience this long vacancy? x_X But oh well, I still have to finish my homework for Phil. History... XD~

Ahh yes! Tomorrow will be the joint EB for KOTF & DA at SM Mall of Asia. I'm kinda excited since I will meet some new faces again. And as the KOTF Headmaster, that would be a big pleasure to me! ^__^ And oh yeah, starting this Saturday, my schedule will be uber hectic and I don't know if I can manage to do all this. And I won't be posting here in my blog for a couple of days. I will miss my blog... T_T *hugs blog* If you want to know my schedule this coming Saturday, take a lookie here:

Feb. 3 - KOTF & DA Joint EB
Feb. 4-5 - Immersion (for my BLF Class)
Feb. 6-8 - 3rd year Retreat
Feb. 9 & 11 - Rest Day
Feb. 10 - Vanitea: A Gothic Tea Party
Feb. 12 - Seminar for Marketing Students at PICC, Pasay City

Oh no... This is going to be an ache in the butt! x__X I hope I can make it... Wish me luck... =_=

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