Saturday, February 03, 2007

Before The Departure

Feeling: Emo & Lonely
Currently Listening To: "HEAVEN" by Ayumi Hamasaki

Tomorrow will be a new day again for immersion and I'm a bit nervous because it will be my first time to experience such activity. And I feel sad for some reason... because I'm going to leave again... I will miss the PC, Anime/JPop mp3 collection, GSG forum, and of course I will really miss my blog! =_= Well, other than that, I still feel sad but I really don't know why. Or maybe it's because of what I am listening right now. T_T It got me all emo because the first time I heard "HEAVEN" by Ayumi Hamasaki, humble tears fell down from my sad eyes. But somehow it describes my mood right now.

It's not that I am happy. I AM happy because I met some new faces and friends, I got the time to be with them and enjoyed the activities and bondings. But somehow, it felt like I will leave all of them them that won't return anymore. Maybe that explains why I feel sad right now. And right after my immersion, my three-day retreat will be up next. I bet it's going to be lonely once again since I still don't have a roommate and I'm still uncertain if my friends will really accompany me there (I really doubt it). Oh well, have to prepare for tomorrow... Although I'm not really excited. I'll get over this. Well, that's it for now. I should sleep now because it's already 11:45 PM in my watch and I have to be in school at 7:00 AM. Goodbye for now, my dearest blog. I will miss you! T__T

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  1. Oni-vampu! Don't be sad... I wish you all the best for this week, ne? ^___^ Wak ka ganyan I'm emo as well... But you won't know about it unless you read that printed media I gave you (a.k.a. retreat letter) Good luck and thanks. ^___^