Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Meaty Blast

Feeling: Saturated (with meat!)
Currently Listening To: "Mermaid" by Hitomi Shimatani

Today is a very saturating day for meat! x__X and I got saturated with it! I got umay over meat today because I ate meat all day today. I wish could eat something else more than meat! x__X Well as you know, I am a vegetarian, and meat is just my 2nd choice and now that I am fed up with meat, I'd rather eat fish or veggies (I really hate eating fruits). For breakfast, I ate porkchop with rice, then for lunch, sisig with rice, and another batch of lunch (courtesy of my friend, Frances because it was her birthday), 1 big chicken with rice, and for dinner, adobong manok!! Eeeeppp!!! x__X Talk about meats! Sheeshh...x__X

Nothing happened much today except that I skipped ALL my classes today... Why? I didn't do my homework for my Technical Writing class since I can't find any formats for invitations for an opening business and my only friend wasn't able to do it either so we didn't both attend that class. Instead, I attended the Dean's Assembly where the Dean's Lister will be gathered and awarded in front and took pictures. Gosh... I was also a "DL" but sadly it meant "Drop List" hahaha! XD~ lol. And I didn't attend Macroeconomic class because I don't want my classmates to see me because I'm not going to attend the next class which is Retail & Sales Management. XD I didn't do my report for that subject that's why I decided not to attend that class since it will be my first time to cut that class. XD so much for sucking days... x_X


  1. I skipped Math today~ LOL. I am also waiting to be featured on DL as well. But of course, my mom would be pretty screwed if she finds out...

    Most probably, I'll be on Filipino's DL list. Math is a different story because I might fail the subject. Heeelllp me oni!! >_<

  2. awww.... San ka ba nahirapan imouto? :) I may be able to help you! ^__^ right now, I might be also in English's DL list... >_< I suck at English sheesh! ><