Saturday, January 27, 2007

Go With The Flow!

Feeling: Excited yet my head aches!
Currently Listening To: "Tsukiyo no Butoukai" by KOTOKO

Today is a waste of time for school! Although I came late for 15 minutes (suposed to be) but when I came up to my classroom, our professor didn't come! Sheesh! x__X I just wasted my money in paying the jeepney & tricycle fare! =_= that's so s**t! And what made me annoyed was when me and my classmates were already on our way out to the school, me and my other pasaway classmate were only left on the otehr way and my friends on the other exit nearby, when that classmate of mine, went back and instead went to the other exit with my frinds leaving me all behind! Does that mean I'm weird or what? He should've told me if he's annoyed with me because I'm more annoyed to him! Curse him!

Anyways leaving that baka behind (because he really puts the shit out on me!), somehow good things happened while I'm in the Festival Mall to amuse myself (since no one really amuses me in school! I'm f**king dead serious! That's why I'd rather be with my clanmates than go with my "friends" at school!). I was able to eat (again!) a waffle! It has become an SOP everytime I go to Festival Mall, there was no time that I wasn't able to eat my favorite Belgian Choco Waffle!! XD~ But surprisingly today, I ordered a Spicy Pork Waffle! It was delicious! Yeah! XD I love spicy foods! And I was able to canvas for a new earphones (because my earphones are having problems now) but it was rather expensive! x__X much much expensive than in the CD-R King!o_o but at least I have an idea how much the recommended earphones are! And I was able to play Tekken 3 & 4 and I won surprisingly! =D And of course, I got to play Soul Calibur 2! Woooh! I already love using Xianghua, Talim and Cassandra! XD~ lol.

And I've modified some changes here in my blog! Like the comment part! Hahaha! Success!! *waves okra* And I had the chance to talk with my best friend who was living around the neighborhood because we met at the tricycle station! I haven't talked to him for quite a while and it felt good. ^__^ And I already have an idea what I will wear for the Vanitea event! Yesh! =D Thanks to my imouto-vamp Nikki-chan! =D

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  1. S**t talaga mga prof na hindi pumapasok. sarap ng foodtrip sa festival. Favorite ko rin yung chocowaffle wahahahaha chocolate!!
    ingat palage!