Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Just Bear With It!

Feeling: Sleepy & Tired
Currently Listening To: "Egen" by MELL

I've gone through a lot of hell of lack of sleep these days and it's getting on my nerves because I'm not used on sleeping early (but 11:50 PM is not early though) nowadays. My body clock has gone through a lot of changes and I can't adjust well... x__X Most of my sleep durations are only less than 5 hours but who can blame me? I couldn't blame myself because I have homeworks to do and I can't help it if I'm an internet freak.. =_= And due to this lack of sleep, I'm not going to get any weight (as usual) and I'm fed up of being a thin crust. I want to gain some weight! =_=

My eyes & body are already telling me to sleep but my heart & soul still doesn't want to... Ughh, it's like having a duel personality... My eyes are beginning to water and I begin to yawn several times. Shall I already sleep? Or will I not? That is the question. And you bet, I have sleeping problems even though I am already feeling sleepy right now.I still don't want to sleep. Why? Because I don't feel anything when I'm already sleeping. Most of the time, I'm like a tulog-mantika person specially when I'm uber tired and exhausted. And teh tendency is that I don't want to wake up from La La La Land once I got asleep.=_=

Oh well, nuff fighting with the drowsiness, I will go to slumber now, or else my I'll develop a really big eye bag that will destroy my appearance. =__= good night, everyone! It's already 12:05 AM and I still have my 9:30 AM class later. XD

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