Monday, January 22, 2007

A very busy month

Feeling: Calm & Composed
Currently Listening to: "Disintegration" by Lia

Wow! It has been a while since I last posted here in my blog and I was very busy with too many things but it was worth it. And I'm proud because I was able to finish the chapter 1 & 2 of my novel
Lived: The Demon Slayer although there were too many activities in our school and clan so I didn't have the chance to continue but thank goodness, I was about to post it! XD~ hurrah! I must say, since I started becoming the headmaster of our unit, KOTF, I began to engage more on the clan activities and I became close with our grand foundress, Jenny!^__^ and we shared ideas and thoughts just like what happened yesterday at G4! And I really enjoyed the moment together with my other clanmates! =D It was a day of fun and laughter! Oh and I have to thank our clanmate and friend, Lei for treating us again for the nth time!? =P But I really appreciate it! Thanks Lei if ever you have the chance to read this... =)

Ughh... I still have no idea on how to continue the chapter 3 of my novel. I hope I could get some ideas one of these days so I couid post it in no time! I'm wondering why I have many ideas yesterday for spoof commercials and other proposals yet for my novel, I don't have!? o_O *ideas, come back to me!*

Speaking of being busy, there are still upcoming activities and parties coming this following weeks... x_X I hope I can do it all. Aside from my thesis, the upcoming projects for KOTF (T-shirts & bracelets), the joint EB with the Dark Alliance, the lolita party (I still don't have the Knickerbockers and newsboy cap), birthday of our grand foundress, the RP/Movie (with commercials), the uniform photoshoot... O.o Aww... I hope I can do all of this... Although I doubt that I have to give up on one of this activities... But I just can't.. =__= because I like all of them...

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