Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Day Before Class

Feeling: Sluggish
Currently Listening To: "Innocent Sorrow" by Abingdon Boys School

Yay! Tomorrow is the start of another day for school and I still don't want to attend my classes. But I can do nothing about it so I'll just have to prepare everything included myself. Tomorrow is going to be another hell day for me! Tsk... tsk... and I'm just going to bear with it. Sheesh! Bearing with it is like a lifetime job and I'm already fed up with it! Sitting alone again in the bench and having sloppy moments with myself. Good thing, I already have my mp3 player to ease the boredom.

Right now, I am cramming for my case studies and other researches. Don't get me wrong, I just felt those homeworks are just a pile of junk that has nothing to do with my groovy life!o_o And not to mention, I haven't started anything for my short paper in technical writing class.X_X That's because I don't know how will I start that freaking damn paper! I'd rather do our thesis but too bad, I haven't done any editing for chapter 2! XD Haha the laziness is getting the best of me! Just like fred_itachi! XD I hope the submission for chapter 2 is not yet too late... XD And yeah, next week will be our midterms examination. Maybe I won't post here for a while or maybe I'll post just 1 entry for next week. Have to study hard so I won't have failing grades this semester. Good luck to me! I can do this! XD

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