Thursday, December 28, 2006

Upbeat Dance Track Mode

Feeling: Energetic
Currently Listening To: "Fantasy (Album Mix)" by Nana Katase

Hahaha I'm into upbeat dance tracks again! *dances* weee! I don't know why but I just want to feel perky and happy today that's why I'm in to it! I should replenish my poor sad soul and turn it into a lively and energetic soul! And not to mention, Nana Katase is still my ultimate crush! Maybe that's one thing that won't change about me! ^___^ Or if ever that thing will change, it'll take decades or scores before Nana-san will be replaced inside my heart! XD lucky!

Nana Katase

Ahh yes! I just love her charming face! *drools* and her lovely smile! hahaha! I love her singing voice too! And not to mention, her acting talent!^___^ Ohhh I simply like the way she is! XD~ I hope I can meet her someday! Hahaha! That would be a dream come true! XD Then we'll dance her upbeat dance tracks! Hahaha! Kewl! XD And I will contract her to be Ayano Miyanoshita of my RP, King of JPop if it will become a J-drama! Hahaha! XD My plans are too big and hard to reach, demmet! But it's not too bad to fantasize! =P

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