Sunday, December 31, 2006

Appetite Breakdown

Feeling: Still No Appetite
Currently Listening To: "Aoki Flamme" by Yoko Takahashi

Waaah! I still have no appetite right now! And it's very wrong timing! T_T I was in the process of enhancing my appetite so I could gain some weight but a while ago while I was eating at Greenwich Festival Mall with my imouto-vamp Nikki-chan, I thought I was hungry and ordered a considerable amount of food for us but I ended up being a takaw-mata.o_o Oh poor me!!! X_X Right now, I'm a bit hungry but still it feels like I don't want to eat... T_T maybe I'll sober myself to drink water or any beverages (except alcohol). Waah I hope this crisis would never ever repeat again because it's very hard for my part...

But throwing all those appetite loss, I'm still happy because I was able to tour Urumi-chan to Festival Mall and we had a good time! I still have some tokens left for the Tom's World but I'll give it to my onee-chan since she wants to play House of the Dead 4. Well, okay... XD And not to mention, it's my first to window-shop and buy some necessities with Nikki-chan! XD oh good! I hope I could do these with my other friends soon!^___^

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