Friday, December 01, 2006

Fortunate and Unlucky

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This will be my first time to post here in my blog in a PC shop... o_o gosh... I have no privacy but this should be enough. Anyways, I don't know if this situation o' mine is a fortunate nor unlucky... So this topic suits the day.

Why fortunate? Because the super typhoon didn't wrecked and devastated our place and the black-out just lasted 10 hrs. Thank goodness! *wipes sweat* Why Unlucky? It's because other cities in Metro Manila didn't experienced the black-out. And my homework for Product and Brand Management isn't finished yet so I'm raising my breath tonight so I can finish this homework.

Another fortunate thing is that I am improving on my talent in making cuts or making my own TV size of any anime songs my way that's why it is called "itachi's cut". I was able to made several cuts for my RP "Season's Call" and for my imouto-vamp's fanfic story "Moonlit Anguish". I'm so happy that this talent of mine is useful to me and to others!^___^

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