Thursday, November 23, 2006

Season's Call (RP) Crave

Feeling: Same as new!
Currently Listening to: "Last Train" by YUI

Ahh yes! This music from YUI keeps me on the going even if it's lighter this time. It feels like I was catching the train in the MRT Station were I saw Nikki, Martin, Joie-C, Jobelle and other of my friends are riding there and I wasn't able to catch back at them.

I'm so happy today that my imouto-vamp Nikki a.k.a Urumi-chan has shared her bright ideas for my upcoming RP. Well, if you must know, my character and her character will be the tandem for my next RP!XD I'm so excited that we already made some of our plans for the events and other happenings there!XD And as well as Joie-C's plan, I'll have to coordinate with us since in that RP, her character will be my half-sister...XD I wish that we can start this RP as soon as possible so that we can start off and I'm really uber excited!

Ahh so much for no appetite awhile ago (at school) and I was able to change the blow of the wind here.XD Thanks very much to my friends who were always there to help me when I'm in emo mode!^____^ Really appreciate it!! :D And I thank you all for your non-stop efforts!^___^

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