Thursday, November 23, 2006

Freshen Up!

Feeling: Refreshed
Currently Listening To: "Rolling Star" by YUI

Hahaha at long last I was able to download YUI's "Rolling Star" long version!^____^ I recommend this song to all JRock and YUI fans like me!^___^ Yeah! I always feel refreshed whenever I hear this song! It burns up my chakra! Oh yeah!

And at long last, I'm gonna update here again in my blog!^___^ I missed my dearest blog! :-* hehehe!

Oh yeah, I'm already a half-pirate myself because of what I have done!XD "Rolling Star" single is supposed to be released on January 17, 2007 and yet I already have it! I was also amazed myself! That I'm listening to it right now for the nth time! And still digging on it!^___^

Time sure does fly... Next week will be the last week of November... And soon it will be, "Goodbye, November! And welcome, December!" And soon it will be Christmas, oh but before Christmas, it will be our Christmas EB and then my uhmm... birthday... then Christmas will be on its way!^___^

"tsumazuitatte way to go! Yeah!
dorodoroke Rolling Star!"

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