Friday, November 17, 2006

Back To Normal

Feeling: Happy & Genki!
Currently Listening to: "Sakura Saku Mirai Koi Yume" by Yozuca*

At long last, I was able to back to normal and I can now follow the storyline of Time For School. I hope I can keep it up until the RP finishes. The scenes are now exciting and thrilling! I can't wait for the next scene! XD LOLOLOL~

Waah I'm ranting over spilled choco milk again! I won't make it at Hero Con tomorrow because I will be left alone here in the house once again and in the wrong time! o_o waahh! I can't take it! I want to go to WTC!!! X_X The only advantage I'm going to gain in this sacrifice is that I will be able to save more money especially that our Grand Christmas EB for GSG is nearly approaching! I'm more excited there than going to Hero Con... XD

Hahaha! My anime mp3s are becoming massive and it looks like I can achieve my goal before the new year comes! I have to collect and collect more anime mp3s and more JPops! XDXD I have to reach 1,000 mp3s before new year! Hehehe... XD LOL~

I'm beginning to notice that my anime mp3 playlist is now containing 1/16 songs from the I've collection and artists! XDXD I'm beginning to like their songs and it's quite addicting! For those who doesn't know "I've", it's an all-girl JPop singers who performs OST from certain animes and adult games! The popular I've members are: KOTOKO, Mami Kawada, Lia, Eiko Shimamiya, MELL, and AKI. And I've got to thank Mr. Kazuya Takase for doing a very great job for composing such upbeat, trance and delighting songs for KOTOKO! I really like them specially Re-sublimity! And to Tomoyuki Nakazawa, for composing radiant and lively songs! And congratulations to me, that I already have my very clear version of Sakura Saku Mirai Koi Yume! Yozuca did a great job in performing this song for the DC ~ Da Capo anime series! not to mention her song in the Da capo Second Season, another opening song entitled Sakurairo no Kisetsu!^____^

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