Tuesday, November 14, 2006

In a slower pace

Feeling: Tired
Currently Listening to: "OPEN YOUR MIND ~ Chiisana Hane Hirogete" by Yoko Ishida

Gawd! I'm such a slowpoke! I'm getting into a slower pace with the story of Time For School. Even though I update myself everyday, it feels like I can't go with the flow. But i have to endure all of these hardshps... even if its really difficult.

Gosh! I spend the day looking for a new friendster layout!o_o I'm not even efficient today. I didn't do something beneficial to me or to anyone!X_X So much for ranting but really, it's like the world has forgotten me... and it feels like a day has only 22.5 hours yet I'm still living 24 hours in a day.o_o Sheesh! Too bad for me!

So with my thesis, I am slowly progressing and I didn't expect that my thesis partner would ve a loud-mouthed, talkative and a bit tactless person. How I wish our professor will be the one who will choose for our partner. Anyone can be my partner but PLEASE not her! My world will be devastated and crashed into pieces!o_o But the problem is, the marketing majors are not as many as the entrepreneurship majors! Tough luck.o_o But she promised that she will do her best to help me. Well of course, I will do my best too! Good luck to us although I already have an idea for our thesis.

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