Sunday, December 10, 2006

A Cold, Starry Night

Feeling: Cold and Empty
Currently Listening to: "Cotton Candy" by Bonnie Pink

Well it's been a long time since I last posted here in my blog and I really missed it. I've been busy these days I already have no time posting here and managing my own time.

Today is a rainy day and it's very cold here since it's almost Christmas and the chilly wind outside is tingling my spine. I have to wear a jacket or else I'll catch another cold (since I have a cold these days.o_o). It's been a pretty busy week and this coming week will be another torture -- both school and my clan (because there will be preparations for our Christmas EB and I am the acting head of our unit). At first, it was like I was going to crash into pieces and I felt numb. But my inspiration to have a great Xmas EB is very strong that it will withstand any obstacle. It's a good thing that my inner self has a very strong power and that's making me strong outside too!^___^ and thanks to my friends because they're always there to help me! Luv ya ol!^____^

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