Thursday, November 02, 2006

All Saints' Day Excitement

Feeling: Elate
Currently Listening to: "Tori no Uta" by Lia

Well today is November 1, 2006 and it all turned out to be just an ordinary day. But I'm all excited for the Time For School to begin! I can't wait! I hope Miyu-chan will start it this afternoon so I can keep myself busy from our forum. Speaking of keeping myself busy, I did what I can yesterday to post the announcement of our upcoming Christmas EB (of course with the consent of our co-foundress, Miyu since I'm just a runemaster of our unit). Yeah and I was able to accomplish all my deeds. At least I can be proud of myself even for a second. LOL.XD

And I also made my accomplishment on my forum! I'm happy that even though my clan is just a small one, it's becoming active nowadays. Nothing can make me happier than to see the members login even though for half an hour to post and read the newest topics/polls.XD yay!

Even though my sleep was cut (due to my father because he didn't know how to use MS Word for pitt's sake), my morning is still a success and I felt proud it! Even for a second only.XD LOL~ And I still have some siggies/avies for me to do... I hope I finish it ASAP... because I tend to swing moods these days... I really AM a Bipolar person... o_o one moment, I have a passion for being an amateur graphic artist and after 20-30 minutes, it's all gone. Poor me...o_o But anyways, I can still resolve that problem of mine, by eating a dessert!XD hahaha! I'm just a bit hungry!

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