Sunday, November 05, 2006

Blissful Moments

Feeling: Insomniac
Currently Listening to: "Immoral" by Mami Kawada

Ahh yes! The Time For School Marathon has started. :D Being the math & science teacher in the roleplay sure is a bit tough but my character will make it. Yay! Can't wait to post there again!XD

3 days from now and classes will resume again. I'm excited and nervous at the same time! I'm excited because it will be a new start for me and my schedule for this semester turned out to be fine. And nervous because I will have my thesis proposal and I haven't found a partner yet! Yay! Have to find one as soon as possible!XD or else I'm doomed!

Today is my younger sister's birthday but I haven't prepared my surprise yet but I already have something to give her - her most awaited siggy! Although I want to make it without her presence since it's really a surprise if my father didn;t arrive just now. I could've sworn I could make that siggy in a snap but talk about bad luck, it's impossible right now.

Word of the Day:
"Pished off! XD"

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