Monday, October 30, 2006

Another Accomplishment!

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Ahhh yes! I changed my layout again successfully! I now look like the King of JPop of the Philippines! Nyahahah lewls!XD Thanks to Ms. Cat for sending me the layout!^___^ I really appreciate it! Million thanks if she can read this!^___^

And another accomplishment is that I finished my RP "King of JPop" yesterday! Yay! I'm so excited for the Time For School to begin! I can't really wait and I'm uber excited!XD I hope it will start soon. And I already made my siggy for that! Hehehe!XD After being a student in King of JPop, my role is now a math teacher and a drummer of a rock band! Oh yeah! Rock on!XD

And I just finished reading my imouto-vamp Urumi-chan's 5th & 6th chappie of Moonlit Anguish!XD oh yeah! I'm excited for the next chapter! Good luck to ya, imouto-vamp!^___^ more power to ya! Genesis Reucid definitely rocks!

And I'm almost finish for my Namie Amuro sig! Can't wait for it to be finished!XD I hope I can finish it now but I'm still in the mood!XD But definitely my passion for making siggies will come back soon! I just need some rest and... posting here in my blog of course!XD

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