Friday, October 06, 2006

Perky Mode

Feeling: Perky and Happy
Currently Listening to: "IKE IKE" by HINOI TEAM

Weeewww!! I feel perky today!!! I want to dance till I drop!! oh yeah!! "IKE IKE!!!!" harharhar!! Aside from that, I did good at school awhile ago!! I did great at my College Algebra class (I always did!XD) and I did my part on our term paper in Theology and I gave it to my groupmate Miguel. And I found some terms I need for my Human Resources Management lesson!!! Ahh yes!! It's time to celebrate!! Oh yeahh!! *perky dance w/ worm dance* It's been also quite a while since I updated here in my blog! Hikaru no Go mode!!=D I just like Hikaru Shindou although I don't like Akira that much... I like Waya and Mitani better! Well that's it for now!!

Ike Ike happy night noritai dake
Ike Ike motto atsuku feel the power
Odoritai shoudou tanoshinde shimaou
Wow Wow
Ike Ike forever owaranaiyo
Ike Ike party time yo ga akeru made
Seishun no toki wa jiyuu na ima dake
Yeah! Yeah! Ike Ike

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