Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Another RP Proposal soon!

At last, electricity has come it's way to our place! Finally almost after 1 week of no electricity, I can post here in my blog!^^ I'm excited for our clan's upcoming role play (RP), Time For School! But even though, I'm really excited that I can't wait for it, I wish that my RP, King of JPop, will be finished soon with the help of my friends... Special Thanks to Urumi (imouto-vamp!), Shaoran (kapatid!), Arheis, Hangman, Kuros, Luna (Kesow!) and to those who supports my RP!! I really appreciate it...^^ and aftre creating that RP, I'm going to create and propose another RP for our clan, entitled Season's Call. Yah, I know it's a title of a song performed by HYDE from L'Arc-en-Ciel, but the song title itself is most suitable for my upcoming RP. I hope someone will join and be willing to finish it despite of it's "tragic" ending. Well it's not really a "tragic" ending but a little bit sad because... because... uhmm I'll save it after the RP begins! Hahaha I don't want too much spoilers for that RP since it's still a proposal. I'm still thinking about the settings and the plot.=) I'm going to flourish the plot so that the RP will be understood and will have a smooth flow when it starts. But the ending is still the same!=P

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