Friday, September 10, 2010

H.O.T.D. album

Maon Kurosaki (黒崎真音) is one of Geneon's newest singer and probably if you look around and watch the latest anime, you've probably heard of her supplying the ending themes for Geneon's anime series Highschool of the Dead which is not in anyway related to Resident Evil — but similar on the zombie-infested town and exterminating of those.

It's a bit silly to see that Kishida Kyodan & The Akeboshi Rockets had their single named after the anime and Maon also did for her debut album title. They (or at least Maon herself) could have created a unique album title, no? But anyway, her debut album containing the 12 different ending themes for the said anime series will be released this 09/22.

Maon Kurosaki debut album
2010.09.22 OUT

1. (3:36) 君と太陽が死んだ日 (Kimi to Taiyou ga Shinda Hi)
2. (4:02) color me dark
3. (3:42) Return to Destiny
4. (5:51) cold bullet blues
5. (5:08) Memories of days gone by
6. (4:52) Under The Honey Shine
7. (4:31) fuss fuzz
8. (3:21) The place of hope
9. (4:44) 宝石のスパイ (Houseki no Spy)
10. (4:11) THE last pain
11. (4:45) Hollow Men
12. (4:58) The Eternal Song

The album will contain 12 songs and all of these were used as the ending themes for the first 12 episodes of Highschool of the Dead. Their song lengths are now available courtesy of JBook. I heard most of the songs and they sounded good — well some of them are a bit poppish.

And it has to be noted that she will also release her debut single with Geneon on 11/24 entitled Magic∞world which will be used as the ending theme for To Aru Majutsu no Index II along side with Mami Kawada performing the opening theme entitled No buts!.

❤: feeling bored
♫: "INNOCENT" - Asriel


  1. The Anime was Great for me!
    I look forwarding to this Album.

  2. You can download the album via torrent. :)


  4. Whoa ... she kind of looks like Jessica from SNSD.