Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Katana to Saya [full + PV]

Since the whole single is still not leaking [since almost all of their releases leaked in the net after a day or two from its release date], I woke up this morning receiving a message from the ALI PROJECT fan page from Facebook that the full PV of Katana to Saya is out. :D And it made me quite excited since it has been awhile since they made a full PV [since Senritsu no Kodomotachi and Datengoku Sensen only has a 90sec PV which was kinda dissatisfying].

As for the PV:

And as for the PV rip [full version HQ]

I love the full version of the song since Arika's voice is as powerful as ever — not too draggy like in Ranse Eroica. Plus the instrumentation was very playful as they used more traditional Japanese instruments to make it more oriental and there are also some dialogue-like lines in the PV [and I don't know if it is included in the single recording since I only have the PV rip]. Haizakura is of course, the B-side and I already heard the preview — per as usual of the slow and darker neoclassical theme but somehow, I'm liking it more than Ude Kaina. Hmm the last great coupling songs that I've heard from them are Ware Kimi Omou Yue ni Ari Ikirei to Narite [from the single Jigoku no Mon] and Takarajima [from the single Datengoku Sensen].

mood: hyped
rhythm: "Hishoku no Sora" - Mami Kawada

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