Sunday, September 06, 2009

Officially in love with Gothic Rock

Who says I don't like rock? :D Well there are lots of types of rock to begin with, and the usual rock type that I usually listen to are: the progressive and alternative rock only and then mostly electronica --- techno, trance, eurobeat etc. Punk rock is a bit "it-depends" type for me while heavy metal is a bit screechy in the ears.

I don't know why I find myself getting addicted w/ Gothic Rock -- even Dark Rock/Darkwave. That's why if you notice in my widget (in my navi) usually scrobbles group like ALI PROJECT, Yousei Teikoku (妖精帝國) and recently some few Asriel. XD They have this weird sensation that I can't stop listening to it -- I'm not that of a big fan of the electric guitar but I kinda appreciate them right now. ;)

Plus it's like denpa because most Gothic rock are in high tempo that it keeps you going like adrenalin rush. Plus I love the Gregorian and mystical chant effects on each songs so it's a plus factor! So don't ask why I love Kalafina to bits. ;p

And to give my dear readers some demo, here's one of Yousei Teikoku's best song I've ever heard which is the Gothic Lolita Propaganda which came from their album with the same title. It's kinda long though --- but when you hear it, it's worth the hear. ;) It's 6:34 long and I'd say this is a very much instrumental-based Gothic rock.

If you want the song, click here.

It's a combination of rock plus some synths and Gregorian chants which adds up to the gothic flavor. This is one of my fave YT song of all time. ;)

Then I also remembered hearing Kokou no Sousei (from the same album which could also be found on their Senketsu no Chikai single) and I was astounded to hear that one. It was a hard rock one but then on 4:00, a short trance sound exhibited then goes back to its natural rock sound. And it didn't sound bland after all! Hands down to the composer/arranger of Yousei Teikoku, Tachibana Takaha. And also to the vocalist/lyricist Yui although at times, it's like she's singing in denpa instead of Goth Rock because of her eensy-winsy voice.

I admit I still like ALI PROJECT more than Yousei Teikoku but my love for both are increasing rapidly, I have to admit. x,X

And because of my love for Gothic and Dark Rock, I'll might as well post a top 10 best&worst single/album cover for both next time. ;D


感情: enjoying gothic rock~
音楽: "Gothic Lolita Doctrine" - Yousei Teikoku

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