Friday, September 04, 2009

KOTOKO's 14th single announced

Yes, my dearest KOTOKO and I've Sound fans. After KOTOKO releases her 4th album Epsilon no Fune, she'll have another single to make us proud! (But I really don't know about that. xP) Here's the details:

KOTOKO's 14th single
Theme song for the movie 「アサルトガールズ」 (Assault Girls)
2009.12.02 OUT

Here's the 45-sec. trailer of the movie.

This will be KOTOKO's second movie tie-up and guess what?! It's directed by Mamoru Oshii - the one who's responsible for the movie Kiru ~KILL~ -- MELL's first movie tie-up.

Still no other information (nor it has been scheduled for pre-order) leaked but by the looks of it, I've Sound king Kazuya Takase will be handling this one (probably).


感情: a bit hungry again~
音楽: "Valtica" by Yousei Teikoku

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