Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy 3rd anniversary, RT!!!

Although this may be a bit a late (for two days in precise) but my blog, Radiant Tomorrow is celebrating third year anniversary. x3

Damn, I didn't expect that my blogging life was already this long. XD Oh yes, and beginning this territory was one of the most unforgettable experience since it has all of my rants and raves for the past three years. ;D And when I opened this blog, it was that time when it was raining all hard here in the country. XD (remember typhoon Milenyo?) And after two weeks, the sun finally smiled at me.

And the story when all this RL-blogging became a music-oriented one, I didn't know how it all started and all I know I was already into J-music -- particularly I've Sound. XD And after some time, it would go into hiatus' and I go back of course. Then finding new ideas and inspirations -- it was all part of this blog.

And on it's 3rd anniversary, I also celebrate that I'm having a work now! :D And actually that's the reason why I am delayed on posting this one. But it's all for the better. XD I'm just going to complete my requirements and I'm all for it.

I hope this blog would still be alive for many years -- but oh well, that's up to me. But I could say, it will really last since my passion for blogging has not died out. *huggles my blog*


感情: still a bit tired
音楽: "Hane" - KOTOKO

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