Sunday, September 20, 2009

ε~Epsilon~PV preview available, Shana S ED (?) teaser also available

WOW MORE I'VE SOUND PREVIEWS!!!! *bricked* I'll be smack up for uploading videos that much. But I just wanted to share this in the world as well. HEY THIS IS WORD OF MOUTH ADVERTISING, ya know! :P

Oh well the first video is some sort of teaser of Shakugan no Shana S ending theme (which is untitled for now) which is also sung by Mami Kawada. It is not upbeat so I'm presuming this one's the ending theme and not Prophecy. And from the sounds of it, I hunch that this one's by Takase. I'm liking it because it doesn't sound boring and all -- just light-hearted pop-rock of some sort.

And this second video is the PV preview for KOTOKO's PV for her upcoming album entitled ε~Epsilon~. And IT DOESN'T DISAPPOINT!!!! @_@ I'M TOTALLY LOVING IT!!! IT'S SO TRANCE-Y!!! XDD The PV preview is also available on her Geneon Website but since you're already here, might as well not go there and press the play button, nee? *bricked by KOTOKO for straying off her website visitors*

This one sounds just like Re-sublimity-Agony dance track!!! I'm hypnotized by it!!! @___@ DEFINITELY, IT IS A HIGH RECOMMENDED one. XDDD; From the sounds of it, it looks like it'll be Takase as well because it's a higher-tempo version of Mami Kawada's epic song TRILL.


感情: a bit hot (although it's raining outside)
音楽: "agony" - KOTOKO


  1. that Shana trailer sounded like Nakazawa than Takase for me... but somehow promising :D

    and... about epsilon... i don't like it for now... it's not too upbeat and somehow sounds like Paranoia for me -_-a

    the PV itself is rather... umm... too techno-ish for the song. dislike it for now >_<

  2. Well that's just a hunch and yes the Shana trailer is looking good. It doesn't sound bland.

    Paranoia? o.o I don't know but it sounded like TRILL to me. But I'm pretty sharp this is Takase's composition/arrangement. (well who knows?! maybe Nakazawa will brick me for mistooking his work from Takase. ><)

  3. no no... now epsilon sounds like tenjou wo kakeru monotachi xD~ *bricked*