Monday, July 27, 2009

SPYGLASS song lengths, daily-daily Dream and c/w credits

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音楽: "リフレクティア" - eufonius

SPYGLASS album cover

SPYGLASS (Mini-album)
2009.08.05 OUT

1. Spyglass (5:23)
2. Shining stars bless☆ (4:33)
3. Chasse (3:41)
4. この空の下で (Kono Sora no Shita de) (4:42)
5. Lemonade (4:59)
6. 星の海 (Hoshi no Umi) (3:50)
7. Last song (4:25)

source: JBOOK

No credits for the songs though. But I'll update once they're all revealed. ^_^ I'm really hunching Kazuya Takase did the Spyglass. :D Of course, Shining stars bless credits still goes to Maiko Iuchi for the composition and arrangement, and KOTOKO and Kaorin did the lyrics. While Chasse credits goes to Kazuya Takase for the composition while Tomoyuki Nakazawa and Maiko Iuchi for the arrangement and as usual KOTOKO for the lyrics. Lemonade is just a re-arrangement of the レモネード song in the Short Circuit II album released years ago so still, credit goes to Kazuya Takase for the composition/arrangement while KOTOKO did the lyrics.

Will come in a regular CD-only edition and a limited CD+DVD edition in w/c the DVD will contain the PV for Spyglass (PV preview as seen on one of my posts).

P.S.: Yay for SPYGLASS!!! It's a 5-minute song! I miss long-length tracks from I've! ;D

daily-daily Dream single cover

daily-daily Dream
2009.08.26 OUT

1. daily-daily Dream
[Lyrics: KOTOKO; Composition/Arrangement: C.G mix]
Hayate no Gotoku!! 2nd season Second Opening Theme
2. Message
[Lyrics/Composition: KOTOKO; Arrangement: SORMA No.1]
3. daily-daily Dream -Instrumental-
4. Message -Instrumental-


WOW! IS THIS GOING TO BE AS DENPATASTIC AS SHICHITEN HAKKI SHIJOU SHUGI single?! I'M NOW EXCITED FOR THE SINGLE!! I WANT AUGUST 26 NAO!!! XDDD; And I noticed SORMA NO.1 is in demand to arrange coupling songs for I've Sound singles, nee? First Eiko Shimamiya, and nao KOTOKO?! Maybe next time, she'll work for Mami Kawada.Ö Iyada~! D;


  1. can't wait for message... i wonder whether it will be like Princess Bride which was composed by KOTOKO and arranged by SORMA No.1 (did you forget that SORMA No.1 and KOTOKO had worked together ?? :P *bricked*

    as for daily-daily Dream... it seems like a reminiscence of a certain Opening Song *totally bricked* xD
    i mean Shichittenhaki xD~

    and the PV might be even more hilarious than the former :P

  2. Well I didn't forget that. It's just that Message does not sound denpa so I'm just wondering if it will be just a cheesy ambient-techno sound just like OXISOLS and electric universe.

    YEAH! I was waiting for both! PV may be a bit hilarious just like Shichitenhakki PV. :D

  3. haha WHO KNOWS xD~ *totally bricked*