Thursday, July 23, 2009

Shakugan no Shana OVA and 3rd series announced

感情: excited but a bit afraid
音楽: "Toki wo Kizamu Uta" - Lia

According to one of my sources, which is Anime News Network and 2chShakugan no Shana will be having an OVA which will be premiered on October 23, 2009 which will primarily focus on the background of the characters and their relationships with each other (more of like a continuation to the cheesy and dramatic Shakugan no Shana II). I wonder if Mami Kawada will do the insert song, opening or ending theme? I certainly wish she'll have a business with her long-time-attachment anime series, isn't it? Just like Nana Mizuki did w/ the Nanoha series (which she all did the opening themes, as in ALL). It would be great to look forward for another Love Planet Five single. Or the big question is, will I've be a part of this project? Or even on the planned 3rd season? We'll find out that in the next few months.

Still no specific date for the airing of 3rd season but according to the producer Nobuhiro Nakayama, it will the final installment for the said series and that made me a bit sad because after all, Shakugan no Shana has also a deep attachment to me because it's one of the first anime series that I've found, discovered and even recommended to some of my anime otaku friends. They better made this one better than the second installment because it was a bit boring for an action and adventure anime. And it'd be better if Mami will do the final opening themes (or even insert and ending themes, no?) for this one since she's the one who started banging the world with her epic-renowned opening theme Hishoku no Sora. Or maybe they could also give ELISA (one of) the ending theme/s. xD *bricked* Since I'm also loving ELISA now, it could be another opportunity for her to have tie-ins! =D


  1. ugh.. no ELISA for me, fred -_-;;

    Mami, please... Mami, please... =.=

  2. Oh you hate ELISA? xD Or you don't like her probably?

    Well I like Mami to do the opening themes! That's a certain!! So she can release another album very soon. 8DD!

  3. it's not that i hate ELISA...
    more like her voice type fit ballad type rather than the upbeat type, or briefly, the opposite of Mami ~_~ *bricked*

    Mami have to do the opening theme... xD~ or even all themes from Opening, Ending and Insert :P *totally bricked*

  4. well actually I didn't really like her Wonder Wind single but listening to her past singles especially euphoric field made me change my mind on her singing. xD even the ballad-y HIKARI was very much better. But you're totally correct on that, that's why I said if only she could get one of the ending themes. Haha! xD *gets shot*