Wednesday, July 22, 2009

KOTOKO are you a baseball player?!

感情: bloated
音楽: "Birthday Song, Requiem" - Lia

SRSLY, KOTOKO you've been trying out rather weird things these days! Will you just look at daily-daily Dream single cover. OH CMON IT DOESN'T SUIT YOU. YOU LOOK HILARIOUS ZOMG. |D;;

daily-daily Dream single cover

But at least it's better than the U Make Ai Dream, ao-iconoclast/PIGEON-the green-ey'd monster single covers. Coupling song is not revelead yet and I can't say anything more than this but you'd better be sure it kicks ass! Okay, KOTOKO-chan? Ganbatte kudasai~! *waves white tissue w/ lots of sniffles*


  1. *roflmao*

    OOH CMONN i love U make Ai Dream's cover xD~

    only the cover, though :P *bricked*

    well... does this cover means the song will be something that can match Shichitten ?? xD~

  2. Well hopefully since the TV size is not up yet I cannot say for sure if it will be something worth waiting or listening to. Will feature here once the TV size is available. ;D

    KOTOKO looks like a child in theU Make Ai Dream cover that's why em not liking it that much. Dx

  3. ehh really ??

    i actually love her style in U make AI Dream...

    she looked good :P *bricked*

  4. Well it's not that I hate her "cute stuffs" but I'd rather stick to something more "powerful" like Re-sublimity, being and the others. =D

  5. okay that's acceptable reason xD~ *bricked*