Tuesday, February 17, 2009

So how is me?

感情: still cramming
音楽: "Shitsuren Cafe" - Maaya Sakamoto

Yes, I've been absent for 3 days (which I consider as a short hiatus) because of some things I need to take care of. Like my thesis -- although I already accept the fact that I won't be able to graduate this March because of some complicated things that the Business Management department head did and most likely, I'll be able to graduate this summer but I still haven't told my parents because I know, they'll be mad at me -- not to mention my two big sisters. But what can I do? It's not my fault -- well maybe I had some fault there but the dept. head has the biggest fault here! o_o

I'm already cramming to finish the thesis proposal so that I would be able to take the second part of thesis this summer (and hopefully graduate). I have to submit this on Thursday. D:

Plus, as the acting president of the Bedan Volunteers (an org in our school), I'm assisting our head coordinator and his secretary with the students' immersion at Calamba, Laguna (which was from Feb.15-16). Well the stupid Religious Studies/Immersion Department decided to go there 3 consecutive times from Feb.8-9, 15-16, and 22-23 so I still have to bear with it till next week. Yeah, I'll be away again for a couple of days which I find stupid because we could've just go there once from Feb.8-10 to save the students from paying a large sum of money just for the transportation. Plus of course, they'll still buy something for their foster parents.

And as for me, I didn't pay for the transpo because I'm acting as one of the organizers plus those students are sure hard to handle. D; They're like kids disguising in an adult outfit. They're so disorganize! We barely had time to get fun and we usually got headaches. |D;; But despite that, I'm still happy because I got paid! ;3 Although it's not a big amount, it's still something worth getting. XD *enough with the money* Setting aside the money, I still prioritize in helping them and it's still a great feeling to aid and assist the students although I didn't really helped that much. Haha! *bricked*

And how's my hair, you ask? It's already a month and few days since I got my semi-bald hair but it's grown a little. In another month, I'm pretty sure it'll be much longer. I remember having my hair this long -- Well it's not really that long but it's already handful for me. XD


Well actually before I had my hair in semi-bald, my hair was a bit longer than the picture above and it really became intolerable because the bangs get on my eyes especially when it's windy. D8 Plus it felt like I had a tail at my back. O_O And then this haircut came.


And then after one month and 14 days... voila!


If Yuki-chan is having his (sorry typo error I was kinda sleepy last night when I posted this) her hair cut, I'm having my hair grow and it has progressed somehow. Haha! Sorry, am not good at winking! Haha! *gets totally stomped* And I still have the nerve to smile and wink when I'm already cramming for my thesis proposal?! XD Sad to say, I'll have to go now. Till next time. XD *gets hit by a smashing pumpkin*


  1. i like the 1st photo =3 you looked the best there and seemed younger xD xD *well, i dislike bald male... :P*

    well, good luck for your thesis... i'll probably go for my final project, too, this year... and i hope i won't cram it xD xD *gets kicked by lecturers*

  2. Haha thanks. ;3 well some people also said I looked younger at that pic but what can I do? Long and a little bit thick hair is a bit unbearable for me. And having a semi-bald hair is a complete "what-the-face" for other people but it gets rewarding in the end because when it grows, it'll look great. XD I'll post a pic when my hair grows again. ^^

    well let's be good students. =D Ganbaru yo~! =^_^=

  3. Waaaaaahhhh~! It's the bald hair!!! waaaahhh I like the first picture. I remember that one still on my cellphone. XD

    Waaahh *catch the hair* the poor hair!!! although i completely understand your reasons in cutting them kapatid.


    *mourning for the hair*

    *sniff* *sniff*

  4. wah kapatid! Ö my hair will still grow don't bother picking it up. =p in just a month or two, my hair will be as good as grown hair again. xD