Sunday, February 01, 2009

masterpiece single LEAKED!

感情: cramming once again
音楽: "jellyfish" - Mami Kawada

Wow I really expected that Mami Kawada's 7th single masterpiece will leak out as early as Sunday evening. :D Right now, I'm listening to the coupling song jellyfish and I'd say it's really GREAT!!! Despite the doubts of it being great sounding, Nakazawa and Ozaki hasn't failed me to the very most and that is a great thing, actually.

The title track itself is good but not as good as the coupling song. I think masterpiece could do better than what Maiko Iuchi produced. Maybe a few more listen will do the thing. XD

Aww I'm gonna make this short as I am cramming for my thesis once again and I'm still working on it and just wanted to spread the news even if its short. ^_^

Oh btw, you can check out the single here although it's a bit low quality one (128kbps).

Oh another edit, here's the PV. Someone posted it in YouTube already. XD It's a bit action-filled and I'm impressed, Mami's continuing the 3-persona PVs just like in PSI-missing. xD Though the 3rd persona was only revealed in the end.


  1. o_0;;

    sry for double posting in the chatbox.... the connection was lagging ==;;

    yeah, i like how the 3rd persona appear in the end of the PV... and Mami looks so different there... sadistic... x3

    and jellyfish... it's trancey, but not the type of song that could be my instant favorite. i like masterpiece more than jellyfish =3

  2. Oh no no, it's okay. I understand completely. ^o^ I don't really mind if you post in the cbox for the nth time xP as long as I know that it's you or someone I know. =)

    yeah she looks more "powered up" with that persona rather than the gray-eyed Mami of PSI-missing. *but still prefers the angel Mami image* XDDDD;;

    What I like about jellyfish is that it's somehow greater than any of the MGC remixes combined so far. xD It's a gem-produced considering that it is I've's debut single of the year. =3

    Well I hope this great beginning would be followed by great singles/albums. =3

    Side note: 2 singles already and she's qualified to produce another album. But one more single wouldn't really hurt. =3

  3. *lol*

    yeah... new album ?? maybe soon :D
    well, she always has three singles before releasing an album... probably one more single and... voila !! a new album :P

    ha~~ finally home and i gotta make a review for masterpiece x3