Monday, November 17, 2008

My Road, Tomorrow's Road

sentiment: looking at the brighter side (somehow)
harmony: "Atashi no Machi, Ashita no Machi" by Hitomi Takahashi

Even though I'm not like Hitomi Takahashi, who will move away from her town to sing this song, yet I can still relate on the song that's why I urged myself to find any good translation of the song, and I did. Credit goes to kurohawk of LJ. ^^

Before I looked into the translation, it went down to my brainstream and forced me to look at the possible positive side of my life since almost all of my life is full of pain and sorrow especially at school. It feels like I'm really the master of my own destiny.. I'm the one who makes the future for me. Well I already know this but I don't know, I let my pessimism get the best of me most of the time. Yes, I'm timid and a pessimist at times especially when no one appreciate my works and effort. And it's fine with me if someone will commit a mistake to me but when I made one, it felt like the "end of the world" for me and I apologize many times (even if it's not).

Quoting from the song:

"That's right
I'm not going to waver
I'm a bit scared, but
I'm not going to lose anymore!"

I really want to be strong for myself but yeah, I'm a bit scared sometimes. You just can't take away the nervousness most of the time even at small things. I don't know for other people but for me, yes.

"I'll throw away the things I hate about myself I just want to be true to myself I want to see all the things I haven't seen up to now"

I, uh, so wanted to do this! I want to throw away the pessimism inside myself because it doesn't give me any benefits and it lowers my self-esteem. And I so really want to be just myself, no one else but me, but I don't know other people don't see me as I want them to see me. ~\(_ _;)/~

And lastly, I will try to be a better person after every tomorrow but I can't really promise that I'll be one since it's really difficult for me. If only I could give this whole situation to those who deserve this, I could've done that for a long time.

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