Thursday, June 05, 2008

Study or Rest?

sentiment: confused
harmony: "Diorama" by Eiko Shimamiya

Today was a very hot and exhausting day... First, I tried and tried to save up my money (just by spending PhP8.00, I was able to go to school! I could've spend PhP22.00 more if I didn't do that!) but it ended all used up because I have to buy me something to eat and drink later. -___- And I wasn't paying much attention on what my department head was saying. I'm just nodding or agreeing without listening properly. I was spaced out that I screwed up and ended up in circles from Departmental Office to the Registrar (which is a good 250m-350m away from each other). Here's an example:

DH: Okay, Mr. Resurreccion. Go to the Registrar and get an evaluation from them to know if you're really graduating.
Fred: *nods* okay.
(rushes down to the Registrar)
Fred: Miss, can I know how to assess my registration?
: show me your registration form?
Fred: *ehh?* They didn't give me one.
R: tsk, tsk. Read the instructions first at the back!
Fred: *scratches head* okay, sorry.
(rushes back to the Departmental Office)
Fred: Miss, I need to have my pre-advising form to get the assessment form.
DH: What assessment form? You haven't enrolled yet!
Fred: Oh nose!
DH: tsk, tsk. *writes down in a sheet of paper* Okay, go back there and give this paper. You're getting the EVALUATION not ASSESSMENT, okay?
Fred: okay, sorry Miss!
(rushes down again)

And the cycle goes on and on and on... In the end, I'll only have to enroll only two subjects this semester. The department head even let me had my choice if I will rest for 1 semester and continue all the 18 units left in the next semester or have the 6 units then 12 units for the next semester. Of course, I chose the latter! I need to earn some money and I want to go to EB's so I really have to study and work that 6 units so that I could earn some money for my upcoming "crossplay" plan (Yes, crossplay!) even though I only have to go to school twice a week (Wednesday and Friday). Even I don't know if I can still attend EB's because we plan and execute EB's during Saturdays and I don't have a class on Saturdays this semester. T__T So I must sacrifice as well so that I can earn money... x__X *desperately need*

Speaking of crossplay, I haven't posted my plan for it... xD Well if you must know, I'm planning to cosplay KOTOKO in one of the anime conventions this year. XP I know I'm too tall for her but I'm determined. Remember what she wore in her BLAZE single cover? That's my target!

I already prepared some of the props that I need. Told yah I'm serious about this. XP

*boots - I can borrow
*pants - I have already
*blue long sleeves - I know where I can buy cheaper!
*necktie - already have
*black vest - I know where I can buy cheaper as well!
*top hat - I can borrow
*wig - this is something I haven't thought for the moment
*staff - still looking somewhere...

*Kyaahh* I really need to earn money and I have to buy another mp3/mp4 player... How I wish I could win in the lottery. xD

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