Sunday, June 15, 2008


sentiment: Ureshii~!!
harmony: "Collective" by KOTOKO

Yesh! I just finished it! *jumps for joy* Yes, it's here! The KOTOKO fanlisting is now officially open! =D Just click the link below! xD

M o n o c h r o m e B l a z e ---- a K o t o k o f a n l i s t i n g

It may not look like it but it's another product of hard work... =D Feel free to register if you like! Although it's already said that it's TFL-approved, it's not yet approved but it's going to be soon! xD since I already submitted an apply form almost a week ago so more or less 2 weeks from now, it's going to be approved and finally be listed in their network... xDD

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