Friday, March 07, 2008

For Eiko Shimamiya

sentiment: frustrated

Kyaaahh! I haven't been posting RL stuffs lately because I don't feel like posting one when I'm not in front of my own PC. o_o But I'll be posting one when my PC got fixed, I promise! XD Now enough enough of these ranting, I'm straying off from the topic. XP

Eiko Shimamiya's album cover for her 2nd studio album entitled "Hikari Nadeshiko" is now up and thanks to amazon! XD My one and only source. xP

Hikari Nadeshiko cover

Wow, I've has been in-touched with plants/trees lately. XD But according to some sources, "Nadeshiko" is some kind of a plant so this has no special surprise for me. I'm just glad that the cover is up and I've been monitoring amazon lately for this. xP But "Savia" is a plant as well, why is it a wheel of paper with some aluminun wires? Don't ask me for this! XP *gets shot* But wait... it's... blue?! It's deserted, nee? But if you look at it, I'm assuming that her Naraku no Hana song will be having the PV for this album! Is the abyss really blue? Or is it red? (Whatever...) But it seems a little deserted and no oasis could be found and the view of the sun is enlightening. I like the cover. xP

Oh and the font for the album title! It's Edwardian Script! XP It has been used by Mami Kawada's 3rd single Akai Namida/Beehive! Haha! Oh well enough pointing out.


  1. wow, the cover is so pretty! even though it was most likely put together by photoshop, I wish I could go that island and watch the sun rise :)

  2. hahaha my favorite part of the pic is also the sunrise! ^_^ the sunshine just looks so... distant yet it's a fascinating view. :)