Friday, February 08, 2008

A Dosage of Cholera & Hepa

sentiment: haha!
harmony: "RAGE" by HARD STUFF featuring I've diva

I quote my friend: "Bili tayo ng hepa & cholera!" (in English: "Let's buy some hepa & cholera!"). I got lol'd when she kept insisting us to go to Mang Raul's to buy some chicken isaw (intestines) and some barbeque. And I went for it even if I have to cut my last class! XP I'm desperate at eating one because it has been a while since I last ate isaw and I really missed it. I even spazzed before we go because of extreme excitement. And my friend laughed at me probably because she haven't seen me doing such actions. *spazzes*

That classmate/friend of mine also told us that some of her friends in her previous school uses that term to buy street foods to simply insult the vendors. And yes, it can be very effective to harrass them. xP But we prefer not when we arrive there. We just used the phrase for fun. So what's with the title? Well, street foods just like grilled chicken intestines, barbeque, ears etc. are one of the main sources of cholera, hepa and other diseases here in the Philippines either because it's not cookoed properly or the (animal's) organs were not washed or cleaned thoroughly. But since it is delicious, some people wanted to take the risk (just like us! XP) But mind you (to the readers from other countries), not all street foods being sold by the vendors are not infected with such diseases. And we are pretty sure that the intestines and stuffs there at Mang Raul's are not infected. If it is, we should've been in the hospital right now. XD Besides, a little bacteria can't kill you. xP
And after filling the craveness for isaw and other street foods, we went straight home because it was already 6:30 PM. It's already out of the league to still attend class if you're already more than 30 minutes late. xP So we ended the day with a smile even if we'll have to cut our class. xP I didn't regret doing it haha!


  1. Haha! Come get your fresh Hepa and Cholera here! It's a bargain only in DA PHILIPPINES! xDDDD~

    If you think about it though, there won't be isaw vendors if the people themselves refuse the temptation. Note temptation. Kasi nga, tempting yun! :P *rolls* I never said that I find eating isaw a negative thing! *gets slaughtered*

    Okay lang naman yan, wag lang madalas. :P *hugs oni* Libre mo ko? xD

  2. Bili na kayo ng cholera at hepa! Dito lang yan sa Pilipinas!

    You got that right! ;) Haha I was tempted to eat because it scrumptuous and I haven't eaten it for a while. xD

    Why not imouto? xD When I have the moolah, I'll treat you eat all we can! xD