Friday, January 11, 2008

The Wheel of Fate..erm, Fortune

sentiment: sleepy
harmony: "Wheel of Fortune (short ver.)" by Eiko Shimamiya

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Actually I found this a few days ago but I can't find the right timing to post this because I was kinda busy with the game called "life". I have to deal friggin' loads of homeworks and case studies and I have to finish them that instant and I have to pull an all-nighter so that I could finish those. *sips coffee* And now is the last round of the all-nighter but I can't keep myself away from my blog so I'm gonna post it now.

And another trivia, how did I find this song? Since the information about this single rather difficult to decipher and availability of the song ranges from seldom to rare and yet I was able to find the song. xD I don't know maybe it's in my fortune to find this promo mini-single of Eiko Shimamiya. Interested in the pics/scans contained on it? View it but please don't direct link it.

I was just browsing the Chinese I've Sound forum (since I can't post in Chinese) and then I found a thread with this file on and grabbed the opportunity of downloading it. xD The song itself is by Eiko Shimamiya (Music & Arrangement c/o of Kazuya Takase) and it is used as the opening theme for Higurashi no Naku Koro ni live-action movie which will be released this year 2008 (but I still don't know the exact date). I also don't know the release of the Wheel of Fortune single, and Diorama, the ending theme has still no short version so I'll expect that this single will be out after a couple of months.

I like the entrance of the song as it fills the background with the heavy electric guitars just like JOINT, and Real Onigokko. Sounds a little tragic and sad, it's not as epic grandeur like Naraku no Hana but this may grow on me as I listen to it. I hope I'll be able to find some preview for Diorama as well. xD

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