Friday, January 11, 2008

Cramming or Just Lazy?

sentiment: confused
harmony: "The Maze" by Mami Kawada

So what did I really do in the past few days? I said that I was cramming right? *shakes head* Oh yes I did cram but I still neglect abandon some of my works because maybe I didn't have much time to do it and besides it's just mine. Everybody would stab their dagger at me if I abandon on group works! They'll kill me for being so damn lazy. At least from what I did, I made sure that I won't "grease" on the names of others -- Just mine. XD *my bad, my bad*

So while I was meeting with cram, what do you know? I already have my WHEEL OF FOTUNE short ver. (please refer to the post before this one) and was able to conclude on some things about it. And here's the most exciting part for me -- I was able to have the RAGE (GMS Remix) mp3! XP Here it is.

RAGE (GMS Remix).m...

Too bad I still haven't found the RAGE. This was very hard to find because the artist here are labeled HARD STUFF featuring I've Diva. HARD STUFF is a group formed by Kazuya Takase and Tomoyuki Nakazawa while I've Diva is none other than Mami Kawada. XD *what a name but it sure is cool!*

And in the middle of cram, the moderator of the Musicians: Female category in mailed me that the Mami Kawada fanlisting that I made was approved! So I hurriedly submitted the Finished Form then updated some stuffs in the Mami Kawada fansite. =D haha!

Ah well... even though I'm surely low on grades, at least I didn't regret on what I did. xP *get shot* haha! Whatever! Que sera sera!


  1. *pokes* Oh, but in a few years or so, no one will remember the grades that we've gotten. *gets salvaged* XDDD

    At least our cyber-accomplishments are stable. :P

  2. hahaha exactly the point that's why I didn't do much bugging to have my grades as high as possible. besides it's not my thing. XD

    oh yes cyber-life is much more important if you ask me. XP *gets shot*