Monday, January 07, 2008

News! NEWS!

sentiment: still cramming
harmony: "Nobody Reason ~ Noah no Hakobune" by move

Before I continue on with my task as a crammer, I would like to inform everyone that the promised Mami Kawada fanlisting is now open for registration. ^__^ Just click here. The fanlisting yet to be approved by but I already applied there but they said they'll email me mostly after a month and I just registered a few days ago... So most likely it will be approved by the said website more or less next month but it's still open for registration so go on ahead and register if you want.^__^

And my collective page that serves as my sort-of main website, click here. Thanks to Mizuiro for letting me become as a hostee on her domain... Lots of thanks to ya! ^__^ And to Amy for connecting the two of us! XD~ The layout is not that extravagant... It's just simple and you can immediately guess that it's my work. ^__^ So if you have a time to spare to visit, please click the link above and leave a message on the cbox! ^_^ That's all for tonight. =)


  1. I just joined Mami Kawada's fanlisting. SQUEE!

    Love the job you did with the banner, oni! <33 Congratulations! :)

  2. wow thanks for joining imouto! :D and thanks for the compliment! I worked hard on that banner. XD I thought it was kind of rubbish or some sort. XD